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Post Construction Window Cleaning

Post-construction Window Cleaning can leave a tremendous amount of dense and heavy dust—one of the significant differences between post-construction cleaning and regular cleaning. Staff cut and polish the wood framework for a new house and sanding drywall in preparation for paint, producing this dust. This dust is much thicker and abrasive than regular household dust because it is made up of drywall and wood residues. This is vital to note during any form of post-construction cleaning, as rubbing dust off with a cloth can easily scratch new drywall, aluminum blinds, and window glass.

If you clean drywall dust with a wet rag, it will disappear, leaving an unsightly white streak behind! It’s also not uncommon for construction work to leave behind paint splatters that splatter all over the place, even on window glass! You can also see splotches of caulk, grout, or other adhesives on window glass that need to be washed or trimmed; as with drywall, cleaning these materials with a wet rag will leave streaks and stains, making your post-construction cleanup much more difficult and time-consuming.